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Dream To Ascend
Full moon horizon
Diamond glints upon black ebony
Light dancing over the ripples
Offering chimerical company.
Starlight shimmering
Golden flecks upon the shroud
Enchanting visual prisms
Mythical promise vowed.
Zephyr tantalizing
Gentle upon the flesh
Cool fingers caressing
Slipping through mesh.
Astral soul
Beseeching flight
Desire of freedom
Dreamscape delight.
May 17, 2013
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Moonlit nights
Befall my soul
Enrich my senses
Make me whole.
Stargazer display
Light my eyes
Glints of pleasure
Sadness dies.
Cool breeze
Upon my skin
Caressing softly
Luxurious sin.
Aromatic nature
Scent divine
Stirring within
Emotional wine.
Liquid kisses
Trickling down
Dancing sprinkles
Wet the ground.
Renewal complete
Rebirth of a smile
Fantasy sweet.
~May 17, 2013
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Slipping between lines of reality.
The woven fabric unfurled.
Grasping for hold in thin air.
The edge of sight uncurled.
Losing yourself within the fall.
Allowing the dark take hold.
A smile plays upon the lips.
The body accepts the cold.
The visions snake into the mind.
The world changes attire.
All you see is but a dream.
New meaning to acquire.
The past all gone, forgotten.
Memories begin to fade away.
Unearthly haunting pleasures.
Upon the mind do play.
~April 16, 2012
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Touch the dawn
and break the silence.
Screaming in
the endless violence.
Crimson flows
into the seas.
Nothing heard
above the pleas.
Shiny dagger's
coldly steel.
Searing pain
is all you feel.
Look of death
upon their face.
Darkness falls
upon this place.
Hell and torment
grinning back.
Dripping teeth
upon attack.
Ripping flesh
from here to there.
No safely hiding
Fires burn
upon the ground.
Spinning madness
all around.
Look upon
the glass of vanity.
See unleashed
your own insanity.
~August 26, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 1 0
Walking on shards of broken glass.
Crimson trickling between.
River of pain laid out in a path.
Eternity for a scream.
Trapped nightmares within a soul.
Bitterness teasing a taste.
Darkness looms upon a mile.
Frozen fear across the face.
She walks the road of fallen dreams.
Anticipating the end of the trail.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Irony awaiting upon the veil.
Madness sparks the depths of Hell.
Visions taunt and twirl.
The walk begins with never an end.
Death unknown to the girl.
~August 26, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 1 0
Twisted tendrils of smoke fill her nostrils.
The heavy ashen taste tantalizes her lips.
Her eyes roll back as she savors the sweet flavor.
She pushes the poker further into the blaze.
Wisps of red hot embers fill the fireplace.
The heat begins to warm her cold body.
The harsh pounding in her head begins to ease.
The tightness in her chest finally starts to give way.
But nothing has come close to filling the void inside.
Anger smolders deep at the emptiness that taunts.
The softly muffled noise no longer an irritation.
She twists the poker around while anticipation builds.
The poker end becoming white hot angry iron.
A threat of a laugh wells up and she holds it down.
She knows the way it would sound if it escapes her lips.
She must not allow the madness to fully break free.
She pulls the poker out of the burning logs.
Turning around, she faces the center of her insanity.
A grin begins to play at the corners of her mouth.
His eyes open wide once again in horror.
He struggles against the
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
The heat of the sun gives way
to a humidly laden night.
She sits upon a fallen trunk of tree
and stares up at the moon.
The light catches the sheen of sweat
that has dressed her flesh.
The flora around wilted from the
hot moisture that has touched upon
the land from the long summer days.
The cool color of night a mere lie
as the warmth of the air still lingers
too thickly to breathe.
She stands as her gown clings to her
damp skin and she strolls to a clearing.
She holds her hands up at the stars
and whispers a chant so faint it
barely escapes her lips.
As the chant becomes rhythmic,
she begins to sway with the
barely audible melody.
A dance begins to slowly unfold
in the moonlight and the night
becomes a quiet audience.
She spins and sways as the pace quickens,
the chant stays unwavered upon her tongue.
Her face becomes flushed and fevered
as time slips by and the heat overtakes her.
She faulters for a moment, still whispering
her soul upon the night.
Her chanting done, she falls to th
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
She hears the voice whisper softly to her soul,
as gently as a breeze caressing the skin.
Her flesh tingles with the thought of sweet release,
but her mind fights against the enchanting lure.
The voice sinuously snakes itself around the
cerebral cortex of her fevered brain,
hoping to choke out the ability of logic
and ensure no resistance against it's own agenda.
A bewitching chant softly upon her audial senses,
so sinfully sensual and full of urgent need.
She closes her eyes as she lays down upon a bed
of lush grass beneath the blanket of the moon.
The melody so sweet and hypnotic upon her,
like the touch of a passionate lover.
Her hands dig into the grass as she arches her back
to five simple words..."Let me out to play".
She gives in to the seductive force deep within
as her eyes roll back and a smile plays upon her lips.
The alter personna in full control comes forth,
and retribution will finally come to fold.
~April 30, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
A seed within the soul does bloom
when fed upon despair.
A richly soil of sadness beds
the sprout about to fare.
The stem shoots up in frenzied need
to bring upon it's life.
Thorns adorn in greedy wake
to puncture like a knife.
The leaves unfold wanting tears
to quench upon it's thirst.
The bud in bloom luxuriant
as the prismatic colors burst.
The flower's name is Discontent
with roots that snake down deep.
It multiplies and will not give room
for other desires to reap.
~April 29, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Sing to me my dark-winged Angel.
A melancholy tune upon a breeze.
A sadness fills me from within
as loneliness takes hold.
Your presence haunts my memory
as I feel a cold seep into my skin.
Death blooms a vast array of
emotional debris that leaves me
searching for the night.
Will Morpheus bring images of you
into my dreamscape, or just a shadow
to taunt my soul? I lay in the cool
embrace of the moonlight blanket and
wait for a melody to begin.
~April 14, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 1 0
She roams within the lush foilage
of the field. The light of the night
shining down upon her. The air
is still and she misses the breeze
upon her skin. No melodic sound
carried upon the wind to soothe
her audial senses. No songbird to sing
a lullabye. No fauna of any kind
dancing among the flora.
The loneliness tugging upon her soul.
She longs for verbal stimuli from
a voice not her own. She lays upon
a brobdingnagian leaf and allows
the tears to flow freely. She curls up
tightly as her lachryma fall freely
upon her verdant bed.
As she drifts off to a dreamy somnolence,
she is unawares of the looming face above
watching her. Her captor carefully lifts
the crystal dome and quietly places a
basket of food beside her resting body.
He softly places the lid back over the
terrerium and looks upon the shelf
beside his display at the wings
he clipped from his love. A sense
of victory fills him over casting
the spell that will keep her with him,
~April 13, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Brightly shimmering moon,
Fall upon my soul.
Let me feel your essence,
Filling up this empty hole.
Winds that blow so gently,
caressing against my skin.
Carry a song upon your breath,
Calm me from within.
Earth which I lay down upon,
Welcome me so sweet.
Let your flora wrap around me,
Swallow me in peat.
Darkness fall around me,
Cover up my sin.
Gently lay me down to rest,
My tomb beneath this glen.
~March 24, 2011
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
She stands in the center
of a drearily lit room
shackled to the floor.
She has been imprisoned
for as long as she can remember.
The room is wretchedly cold
and she finds it hard to breath
in the oppressively thick air
that fills the space.
Without warning, a tether lashes out
as a hook digs itself into her flesh.
She screams with extreme pain
as another lashes out and hooks
another piece of flesh.
As she continues to scream
with confused bewilderment,
she feels her sanity slipping
into a dark abyss of pure madness.
The tethers keep coming and coming
in fierce repetition while her flesh
is shredded as each one digs in
and becomes a part of her.
Every direction snakes a sinuous
vision of perpetual torment.
Her body becomes numb and a
curtain slips over her mental theater
as she stands completely immobile
in her encapsulated Hell.
Each tether drawn severely taut.
Crimson lifeforce begins to flow
languidly at her feet.
A low, gutteral grunt scrambles to form
some unknown word from her lips
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
Little creatures prancing here and there,
playing some game only they can know.
The gentle breeze touches the audial senses
with a tune of forgotten lore that seems
to make the Earth glow with its harmonic sound.
She smiles within this enchanted place of beauty
with anticipation growing over an invitation
she sent upon the wings of a monarch butterfly.
Her heart beating with the tune of nature
strumming all around her.
She hears the fluttering of large wings
coming closer and rises to walk to the waters edge.
Staring into the moonlit prisms upon the ripples,
she feels his hands upon her shoulders.
She turns as her crystalline wings
catch in the moonlight all the vibrance
of glitter gold and they embrace.
Her spritely enchanter tempting
her lips once again on a night
of a summers full moon.
They fold their wings within their flesh
as they walk hand in hand to slip into
the warmth of the lover's pond.
An enchanted encounter of two souls,
only meeting when the m
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
The cold winter wind
seeps into her core.
She shivers from deep
within her bones.
She can feel herself numbing
from the harsh breath of
Old Man Winter,
yet she holds her place
among the leafy littered ground.
The trees surrounding her
have long lost their
summery cadence and
stand like sentinels watching over her.
A few birds that didn't make
the southward flight peck at the ground
for any seeds the land creatures
have looked over.
Snow clouds huddle in masses
above the early evening sky,
casting a gray melancholy feel
over everything it touches.
She breathes with a heavy heart.
A deep sadness shadows her
and she freely sheds her tears.
She is alone in a world
that has lost its luster,
nothing to bind her
to this plain of existance anymore.
She curls herself up
against the tombstone,
letting her fingers trace over
the intricately carved name
of her beloved. Her soul mate.
Death came on swift wings
and took him merely
a few days ago.
She has sat in torment since
to await her own transfe
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0
She sits atop a nimbus
looking down upon the land.
Pondering what has happened
to the humans who so pompously
and egotistically consider themselves
the most important creature of the chain.
She watches through the decades
as wars have been waged and
creations of destruction have been inspired.
She watches as they fight amongst
themselves over triviality and jealousy.
She watches as they steal from each other.
They abuse and torment one another.
They kill each other.
She watches as the children suffer
and she feels her heart break
with such sorrow and sadness.
She is Judgement of the past
and Bringer of the future.
Her tears begin to fall and the
world is consumed in a watery grave.
Flushed free of sin and madness.
Cleansed of the stain that is humanity.
The world is reborn into a new dawn
and as the first rays of light shine upon it,
the first new seedling pulls itself out
of the Ocean of Tears and the new chain begins.
~November 14, 2010
:icontherainwolf3:TheRainWolf3 0 0

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Masks Ive Wore
On my face these masks I've Wore,
Preacher / Zombie dance once more.
They laugh and spin and fight another,
As they try to stop or top each other.
So I sit in Silence watching lore,
of these Preacher / Zombie masks Iv'e wore.
:iconjodaknight:JodaKnight 2 0
Aliensound by BlueEyedAriesGuy Aliensound :iconblueeyedariesguy:BlueEyedAriesGuy 3 4
Nothing Inside
Masquerading around with the perfect cover, soulful eyes that see all, ears that seem to to listen and a mouth that falsely moves its lips of an innate nature to utter words with no meaning. A nose that parades about smelling the metaphorical roses that have long decayed and still lie listless in between sharp, monstrous teeth.
The skin is pulled taut to keep the mask from sliding but behind all of that facade is room for nothing to hide in, it festers behind eyes that seem to shine with a bright light and a heads that nods in empathetic understanding.
The everpresent shadows devour what ever was human and flicker behind empty sockets. No need for mundane human needs, as Maslow's Hierarchy is followed but not neccessary for survival.
Knives glint in white knuckles of soft hands that hold children as they cross the street. About the day, a normal mortal but under the mocking, grimacing moon the monster parades the street disguised as another party animal.
Oh, but parties are to be ha
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A Type of Freedom
There is freedom in the dark night
Wrapping yourself like a sheet
Resisting the temptations from those blue eyes
That pierce you too deep
And I've found that freedom is sweet
Raining down like majesty upon me
Cause even if you could see me
You wouldn't get through again
My veins are clean of the poison you gave me
You gave me this long ago
And I find rapture putting down the fairy tales
And you won't be back from long ago
And I've found that freedom is sweet
Raining down like majesty upon me
Cause even if you could see
You wouldn't get through again
Amazing light comes over me
Amazing love that you couldn't see
And one day soon, maybe you'll crawl
But you denied and then find
That that which haunts you now
Is swirled and gone
A burnish orange leaf
That carried on
And I've found that freedom is so sweet
Couldn't be fonder than if we'd meet
Raining down like majesty upon me
Cause evin if you could see
You wouldn't get through again
That amazing light that comes over me
That amazing love
:icontigerstriped86:tigerstriped86 1 6
Confined to Depression
Confined to depression,
always the way you prefered me to be.
Lost in confusion, you hid away the key.
All I ever gave to you, you took and destroyed.
All you ever were with me was angry and annoyed.
Through it all I never felt ok
never felt alive.
During it all your priority was you
your comitment was a lie.
You held the knife that threatened my faith
you used that knife to send me to a very bad place.
Outside I was dying, inside I was dead.
You shot down my being and put it in my head.
You crushed my spirit. You bruised my skin.
But thats nothing compared to what took,
my one sacred thing.
That one thing was mine, my decission to make.
What you took from me wasn't yours to take.
What you did to me could have sent me to my grave,
if I'd surrended to the pain you gave.
But I stood tall and turned my back on you.
I walked away form the pain you put me through.
I may still be bleeding
but I'm breathing too.
I may still be depressed
but I'm not depressed with you.
:icondollfacedkiller:DollFacedKiller 3 6
worD Play
Whats a word? A word is used to describe that which can't be described. A word is a vain attempt to cling to a moment long pass. It's that little bastard that cuts deeper than a blade and almost never heals. A word is more than you know. A word can never be understood fully, just accepted. A word is a cover to hide our lack of confidence. It lies to us more than we like.
But a word is more. It's a sweet release. It's used to express a thought, although it never sounds as beautiful. A word means the same thing in all languages. It's the moment of climax, complete union and utter ecstasy; rapturous delight. A word cradles us in its arms and lulls us to sleep. It lets us know the world isn't all death and hate. It's love. Peace. It's worth going on.
So next time you speak, don't let the words define you. Let it be you who defines the words.
:iconchristotero:ChristOtero 2 1
Archaeopteryx illumina by BlueEyedAriesGuy Archaeopteryx illumina :iconblueeyedariesguy:BlueEyedAriesGuy 1 4 Engulfed by deceptikuhn Engulfed :icondeceptikuhn:deceptikuhn 2 3
Murderous Madness
Unmaneagable madness surrounding my body, trembling as it embraces me tightly. Shivering with every touch, like a torch burning on my skin. Losing my breath. Cold breath and curse words flowing out of my mouth like a thousand mad rivers. Stumbling away from its painful caress, unable to breath as I reach for the lights of eternal darkness.
Its touch embracing me with chaotic arms. Trying to scream in vain, its hand moving up my spine, chocking me slowly, painfully.
Giving in.
Rolling back my eyes I let it take over, falling into a burning flame of sorrows.
Trying to scream.
"Fuck you"
:iconartcreep87:artcreep87 0 2



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Beth Spellman
United States
~Those who love explanation is necessary. Those who don't...none is possible~

Current Residence: Mother Earth
Favourite genre of music: Love rock, classic rock and metal...but can listen to "almost" anything
Favourite style of art: Native american artwork, fantasy, sensual fantasy, surreal, horror
Wallpaper of choice: My wallpaper is usually my son as he is my life
Favourite cartoon character: Pinky and the Brain
Personal Quote: ~suffer not the soul~
As you can tell...I'm still hella busy these days. I've dropped in to start posting some of the pieces I have written that I haven't submitted yet. I'm still taking care of my mother since her health started to decline...but she is doing well enough and keeps me busy as well as taking care of my son since I put him in an online academy a couple years ago and I've taken on the duty of his learning coach along with his online teacher. He is doing well and is more advanced than the old brick and mortar school had him. So...I am still around and will continue to pop in when I can to submit more pieces that need added and any new ones that I start writing again. Thank you for stopping by and showing respect while upon my page...
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